Wilbers LDC Nivomat

  • Brand: Wilbers
  • Product Code: LDC
  • Availability: 1-4 Weeks

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- Download LDC Nivomat Tech Video -

The latest edition to the Wilbers range of shocks is the Wilbers LDC Nivomat. LDC standing for Level - Damping - Control and it is all automatic!

Initially beginning the roll out of the LDC shocks in early 2017 there are now many models that have the availability of either a traditional shock or the new LDC technology. Designed for big cruisers and alike and perfect for those who do a lot of solo\two-up riding, the occasional big trip or those that just don't want to worry about anything and just get on and ride!

The LDC shock adapts itself to the different weight conditions without any external adjustment and completely automatically. No buttons or electronics! Once the pillion jumps on (with or without luggage) after a few meters of riding the low-pitched chassis pumps back to the defined riding level, as the shock additionally delivers oil into its cylinder through its own lifting movement. The resulting pressure elevation also leads to the adjustment of the damping automatically (Watch the video for an excellent visual)

The LDC Shocks are custom built to rider weight & needs, comes with 5 year warranty and is available on its own OR as part of a kit including Wilbers Low-Friciton Fork Springs & Fork Fluid.

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