Suspension Lowering

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Common for short in stature motorcyclists or for Supermotard & Flat-Track setups, height adjustment is an  important and technical job.

When lowering a Motorcycle there is more than one way to skin a cat, at Suspensions R Us we believe in the correct way of internally lowering forks & shocks and to accommodate the change in characteristics springs and valving to match the rider and the restricted suspension travel.

For Road & Adventure motorcycles we can, as an alternative to modifying your original equipment, we also offer an extensive range of custom built aftermarket  Wilbers  shocks which are purpose built to lower the rear end and for the front there are ready made kits including fork springs and internal parts which match the front to the rear. There are often more than one lowering height options available from Wilbers ranging from 10mm - 65mm in most cases!

Lowering or raising a motorcycle is an important job that should be trusted to professionals if you do not want to compromise on performance and safety.

Contact Us to discuss what is the best option for your motorcycle and height adjustment needs.