Legacy Series Complete Kit

  • Brand: Elka
  • Product Code: Elka Legacy Kit
  • Availability: Pre-Order

The Elka Legacy Series ATV Shock Absorbers are an affordable complete replacement shock package for upgrading the handling, performance and comfort level of your Sport & Racing ATV

Designed for affordability but with no compromise on quality & performance these complete front and rear shock packages are ideal for casual and recreational riders looking for a simple, affordable shock upgrade or for those in need of an OE replacement shock. The Legacy Series kit improves the comfort, ride compliance and handling beyond what stock shocks have to offer. Their design is based on the previous Elka generation technology with steel shock body, external reservoirs and a variety of adjustments. They are sold exclusively in front and rear kits to help keep the price down, making them more accessible to everyone!


  • Affordable complete shock package that includes front and rear shocks
  • Significant performance upgrade over stock shocks
  • Compatible with stock geometry and most popular aftermarket geometries
  • Offered in proven, standard valving configurations for most types of riding
  • A long-lasting, fully rebuild-able shocks (Ideal for older quads)

Lagacy Series Package Description

Elka Legacy Twin Front Shocks

Elka Legacy Rear Shock

36mm steel body

46mm steel body

External reservoirs

Remote external reservoir

Compression adjustment

Compression adjustment

Threaded spring preload adjustment

Rebound adjustment

Threaded spring preload adjustment

The Elka Legacy Series Package is excellent value for money, to place an order or for more information Contact Us