Nitron R3 Twin Shocks

  • Brand: Nitron
  • Product Code: NTR R3
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Using the same materials, finishes and production techniques as the larger NTR shocks, these twin-shocks have all the features you would expect from a Nitron product. Available for a huge range of bikes (and in custom sizes too), in either the R1 format for simplicity of use, or the R3 format offering 3-way adjustment for those seeking the perfect individual set-up or the winning lap time.

The NTR Twins are fully rebuild-able & modifiable, built to order specifically to your requirements with a lifetime warranty and are available in 3 different colour schemes to suit all bikes!


Piggyback reservoir type
Fully hard anodised alloy body
Independent high/low speed compression and rebound adjustment
24 clicks of rebound adjustment
16 clicks of high speed compression
16 clicks of low speed compression

Nitrogen gas charged
35mm piston design
14mm Piston rod
Preload adjustable
Length adjuster included (where available)

Style Options
Having the right look for a bike with twin shocks can sometimes be as important as the performance upgrade so please choose from 3 distinct style options to match your bike.

Nitron Classic (Titanium Body -  Black Spring)

Stealth (Black Body -  Black Spring)

NTR  (Titanium Body -  Turquoise Spring)

All Nitron Mono & Twin Shocks are custom built to riders weights and needs

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