Available for a wide range of motorcycle models, the Matris M46KD is the base model shock in the Mat..
SpecificationsSteering damper with adjustable hydraulic operation;Titanium external cylinder;Twin tu..
SpecificationsSteering damper with adjustable hydraulic operation - derived from Racing applied;Tita..
The Matris M46K & M46KF Shocks are designed for road , sport and racing bikes. All components ar..
The Matris M46R Mono Shock is the premium racing shock of the M46 range. Ideal for Racing & Trac..
The Matris M40E & M40D range of Twin Shocks are available for most popular models.M40D Specifica..
Matris Cartridges are manufactured in Italy from high end materials and are available in 3 types of ..
The Matris M40KC Twin Shocks are a popular range which is available for most common model bikes.Spec..
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