K&L MC900 Leverless Motorcycle Tyre Machine

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Manufacturer: K&L Products


K&L MC900 Leverless Tire Changer w/Power Assist Arm
The new MC900 Deluxe Tire Machine with the Leverless Tower is the ultimate Tire Machine for even the toughest Motorcycle, Automotive, ATV, UTV and Trailer tires. The Leverless Tower eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the surface due to tough tire applications and operator error. This ensures a smooth demounting process, flexing the bead just enough for removal. Works with all types of tires, including run flat, high profile, and motorcycle tires with tubes.

(1) Bead Breaker with Pad

5,500 lbs. of pressure easily breaks tough tires from the rim Thick Foam Pad clears Rotors and Pulleys

(2) Roller Arm

Mount tires without the bead head to eliminate wheel damage
Allows for easy tire lubrication
Assists with mounting and demounting

(3) Pneumatic Tilting Bead Head Tower

Adjustable and easily locks/unlocks with the push of a button
Ensures accurate bead head placement every time
Tilts out of the way to easily mount and demount tires

(4) Pressing Foot

Easily flexes stiff sidewalls into drop center position
Makes mounting and demounting tires a breeze
Presses rim to ensure tight clamping

(5) Electric Turntable w/Adjustable Jaws

Self-centering clamping jaws
2 sets of jaws for automotive and motorcycle tires
Turn Table provides more torque at lower RPMs for precise control
Plastic covers prevent rim damage

(6) Leverless Tower

Eliminates traditional tire tools
Ensures smooth demounting of top and bottom beads
Prevents marring due to tough tire applications or operator error

Specifications MC900
Motorcycle / ATV / UTV Wheel Diameter               6.5"-26"
Automotive Wheel Diameter (Outside Clamping)  10"- 20"
Automotive Wheel Diameter (Inside Clamping)     12"- 23"
Maximum Wheel Diameter                                            44"
Maximum Tire Width:                                                    12"