Wilbers 530/531/540

Budget Option with Hi-End qulity
Manufacturer: Wilbers

If you are searching for the perfect Mono/Twin shock options with no adjustments than stop looking because The new Wilbers Eco-line shock absorber with its high-quality & superb technology offers you just that. It does offer continuously adjustable preload and also maintenance-free self-aligning bearings in the drop-outs possesses everything a top class suspension must have apart from the adjustable damping setting. It is partly crafted from 7075 airplane aluminum, anodized on a high-grade and delivered with 5 years guarantee and an ABE (general permission of operation).

Available for most bikes with Mono & twin-shocks, selectable in length and adapted to the Rider’s weight.


  • 530 is 36mm Body
  • 531 is 36mm Body with top Chrome cover
  • 5410 is 46mm Body



  • Spring Preload


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