SKF Fork Seals

The Best Fork Seals on the Market.
Sales price: $ 60.00
Manufacturer: SKF

SKF seal kits for motorcycle forks consist of an oil seal (triple lip) and a wiper Double lip seal developed to achieve superior sealing performance and also reduce Sticksion.

As a result of SKF's extensive experience in the design and material development of seals for suspension systems, SKF has developed a new self-lubricating compound. The design has proven to offer less sticksion than any other seal on the market and performance characteristics of the seals made from this compound enable them to keep oil in and contaminants out of the fork, while virtually eliminating stick-slip and improving the life of the seals between oil changes.

To get the most out of your bike, both seals should be replaced.

Available Kit:

KYB Forks: 36mm, 41mm, 43mm, 46mm, 48mm

Showa Fork: 37mm, 41mm, 43mm, 47mm

WP Forks: 43mm, 48mm

Marzucchi: 45mm, 50mm

Please feel free to watch YouTube comparison clip between Genuine seals & SKF Seals below