Re-Working the original pistons

Fork Re-Valving

At Suspensions R Us we offers an alternative to a complete valving system. With over 15 years of high performance manufacturing and tuning experience our data base contains thousands of proven combinations that deliver results you can feel. Our custom fork and shock re-valving increases the efficiency of the compression shim stacks, mid valve and rebound to meet your personal riding needs. The result is increased traction with a greater feeling of control.

Shock Re-Valving

A properly tuned suspension system is a balance of spring rate, damping and friction reduction. Proper spring rates that match your weight and riding style are essential for maximum suspension performance. Our technicians will test your fork and shock spring rates and suggest replacements if needed. Custom internal machine work increases the efficiency your stock components for maximum plushness. Friction is virtually eliminated with our ultra slippery Maxima suspension fluids. These new fluids stay clean longer and protect critical bushings and seals for long life with minimal wear. High performance suspension makes every ride more fun. Call us today for more information and a personal evaluation.