Gold Valves

Replacement Performance Pistons
Manufacturer: Race Tech

The Gold Valve Damping System improves control, traction, bottoming resistance and provides a firm but plush ride. The Gold Valve replaces the original stock pistons in the Forks or Shock. Superior oil flow from a redesigned piston Ensures minimum harshness, along with specific valving for your weight and riding style, all working towards achieving your own personal suspension setup. Due to mass production considerations it's impossible for manufactures to set up a stock bike for everyone. Add to this the design limitations with most stock pistons and you soon find a considerable amount of room for improvement. Gold valves optimize the flow area of the piston placing valving control on the shim stack. This results in outstanding tunability. The Gold Valve system is a proven bolt-on valving system that improves performance by efficiently managing fluid flow where it is most critical. Given that oil is a non-compressible fluid, maximum flow ensures minimum harshness.

  • Computer Engineered for optimum flow
  • Low friction sealing design
  • Dramatic improvement in ride quality
  • Wide range of adjustability
  • Personal custom valving setup utilizing the Race Tech DVSā„¢