Precision Steering Damper - As used by 19 of 20 Top Pro Riders

“Precision: The best ATV Steering Damper on the market” (By Australian ATV Acion Magazine 2005)

Every top racer uses a steering stabilizer, and nearly everyone of them chose this one. Whether you race or just ride hard, it will make a huge difference in the experience by increasing the stability of your quad while reducing bar rip and fatigue you feel, keeping you safer and the riding fun 

Now racers and non racers can have the advantage of this superior product on their Quad 

Mounts low, safely tucked behind the bumper at the proper geometry. Does not effect the handle bar position

Precision Racing Products Patent Pending design is the only stabilizer design to adjust the dampening For going straight separately from the sides when turning 

This precision steering damper was designed for ATVs It is not a motorcycle damper retrofitted for ATV use

  Precision Bill Ballance 


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Steering Dampers

Matris Steering Damper SD-K

Italian Made Australian/NZ Importers

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Toby Steering Damper

Race Quality made in Belgium

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