Elka Shock protector

Protect your investment
Sales price: $ 99.00
Manufacturer: Elka

Shock Protector


Wether you are racing competitively or simply riding along with your friends, your shocks will get exposed to roost, rocks and other flying debris. Even when riding by yourself, your front wheels will often throw things around which may end up hitting your shocks. Our lightweight composite shock protectors can prevent those flying debris from pitting your shocks' shaft, which is a main cause of leaking shocks. In fact, small scratches and dents on your shocks' shaft can create more wear on the seals and oil leaks. A simple precaution to prevent those issues is to install a pair of shock protectors, which is much less expensive than a servicing job.
NOTE: Our Stage 5 front ATV shocks include a pair of shock absorbers at no extra charge.

Why buy this product

  • To prevent expensive damage to your shock's shaft
  • To protect your shocks' investment
  • To prevent a DNF due to rocks or debris during a race
  • Also good on snowmobile to prevent ice from forming around the shock!