Cameron Wild

Hello Izzy

Just though I would drop this quick line to you, as a thank you for all your great customer service.
Back around 2001 you did the first suspension work for me on my XR600. Then in about 2005 you did a full rebuild and rechrome with gold valves added to the front of my 1988 GSXR1100, followed by a rear shock rebuild. 
That GSXR has done 20,000 touring kilometers both spirited and occasionally two up, in and around the high country of Victoria and NSW over the past few years. And that is in the company of a lot newer and more powerful bikes.
And the suspension has worked a treat. Apart from a yearly oil change I have never had to even look at the suspension. A testament I think to the quality of your work. 
Next weekend she is off to her first track day at Winton and I have ultimate faith the suspension will do its job again.
I have attached a picture of her on top of Mount Hotham on one of her runs. 
I look forward to trying the forks and new rear shock for the GSX750 when they are finished and arrive back.
Originally I lived not far from Devon Meadows which made life easy, but even though I have moved 400klms away SuspensionsRus will remain my first point of call for all my suspension needs.

Cheers and Many Thanks

Cameron Wild

Greg Treble - Triumph Bonneville

Thank you so much for setting up the suspension on my Triumph Bonneville Black 2011 model.

The replacement Ohlin rear shocks and the rework on the forks in which you replaced the springs, installed preload adjusters and Gold Emmulator valves.

Wow what a difference one up I could have backed the preload off the rear shocks a little but it handled great through the windy roads home.

After arriving home I got the wife and we took it for a ride without and adjustments to the preload and it was perfect two up!

As I requested to you we ride two up am extremely pleased with the result.

Great handling and suspension action and very smooth no jarring like the standard suspension.

Thank you again for another great job on my second bike I have had you rework the suspension.

I would be pleased to be a referral should you require any and will highly recommend other bikers in the hills to pay you a visit.

Suspensions R Us rocks!


Greg Treble

Phillip Wall - Tiger 800

Went for big ride Sunday on some varied roads and didn't really feel much difference until I pushed it through some of my favourite twisty bits.

The bike felt more stable and I seemed to be able to corner faster and track better.
I'll definitely look at replacing the back shock at some stage.

Thanks again, Phillip Wall (Tiger 800)

Chris Baylis - Hornet 900

After a few rides, I have to say that the suspension has made the hornet much more enjoyable to ride. It actually turns. In terms of riding even through bumpy terrain, the bike holds a line and drops into a corner the way i felt it always should. So thank you.

Chris Baylis ( Hornet 2002)

Chris Jones - Bandit 1250

I've taken the Bandit out for a few runs now (about 2,000 Kms), the suspension has settled nicely and I am very happy with the feel of the bike. I am only 5' 2' tall and to be able to step up to a 1250 Bandit was only possible by lowering the bike, about 40mm. I am very happy with the way you set the suspension up on the bike, for me it has really complimented a bike that I find very nice to ride. What a great package for the shorter rider. Izzy, you are set your line and you pop out of the corner just as I expect. So nice, so easy. Many thanks for your input and expertise. Christine Jones (Suzuki GSF 1250). But I still love my wobbly Moto Guzzi all the same !

Chris Jones (Bandit 1250)