Matt Dundas - Ducati Hypermotard

Good Morning Izzy,

Had the bike out over the weekend (Ducati Hypermotard) and it is a vast improvement.
Yes it is stiffer and feel the bumps a bit more but that was expected and it is fine with me. (Thought it was a bit soft anyway) I am very happy with what you have done & feel more confident straight away.
The front diving has reduced significantly but still dives a little. 
Just something that I will be getting use to which won't be an issue.
Even riding in the wet on Friday it feels much better.
Thanks once again for all your help.

You will probably get a few mates of mine call you up to have a look at their bikes.
All the best.
Matt Dundas (Vic.)

Richard Morrison - 675 Street Triple

Hi Izzy, it's been a little while since we last conversed and I thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know that I'm very happy with the suspension set up on the bike after your last 'tweaks' on the front suspension.

Thanks very much for your great after sales service, I'll be sure to recommend you and your business.

Trust all is well.

Kind Regards,

Richard Morrison. Triumph 675 Street Triple (Vic)

Adam Zampech

Izzy, Thanks for your honesty and excellent comunication. Im looking at getting it done round early to mid august, Im waiting on a few other quotes, but your customer service has put u at the top of my list. thanks again.

Adam Zampech

Dave Hughes - CBR-125

Hi Izzy

I have been meaning to get back to you to let you know about the fork revalve and respring work you did. I put everything back together and took the bike out on the weekend. The forks are quite firm but still compliant and are well matched to the Elka shock. The bike is much more stable under brakes and there is much less dive. I can feel the suspension working over minor road blemishes and even quite large bumps don’t upset things in corners. In all, a great outcome and a much more comfortable and precise ride.

Thanks again for all your advice and assistance.


Dave Hughes CBR-125R 2007 (Tas.)

Mike Johnstone - Harley FLHT

Its great to meet an expert. The problems with my clunking suspension are 90% resolved. What was its worth, I do not believe the bike has ever handled as well.

I say 90% because knowing what I now do, I would have instructed you to back the damping off a touch more. When I stress tested on a cobbled surface, the bike clunks ever so slightly. However, on the road (which is where I ride it), all vibration has been removed.

One again, well done. A happy customer.

Mike Johnstone (Harley FLHT)