Jason Boyle - Aprilia Falco

Hi Izzy,

I have had the Wilbers 640 shock on the bike for a few hundred km’s so I think I can now comment on the change.
The 640 has made a huge difference to both the comfort and the overall stability of the bike. It is much more comfortable in commuting and glides over the irregularities in the road. It then seems odd that when you push on through corners the level of feel from both the back and front had improved greatly without the bike feeling hard or harsh. I then reduced the preload on the front with less compression and rebound damping as well to compliment the rear, and the bike feels even better. (I hadn’t changed the front settings from when I bought the bike – just changed the oil and seals). The slightly softer front end settings are great on the road.

I have noticed my corner entry seems to have improved a lot with more confidence in the front end of the bike and the rear just tracks nicely through the corner, even with ham fisted throttle I can now feel the when the tyre is breaking traction on tight corner exits.

As yet I haven’t changed any settings on the shock from when delivered – I might play with the rebound damping after a few hundred more km’s. I also might look at getting the reservoir installed when the time comes for servicing.

In a nutshell – very happy, best mod made to the bike in terms of enjoyment, safety, and confidence. Great product, great advice, easy to install, improved my riding and impressed my riding buddies with how capable and old Falco can be with fresh suspension. I should have changed the shock earlier.

Kind regards

Caillin Bailey - RSV4 Factory

Hi Izzy

Just giving you a bit of an update on how the weekend went running the RSV4-R Factory with the new motor and suspension.

THANK YOU!!!! it is a completely different animal now the Elka Shock Front-end work give me the ability to brake and the confidence to push later and harder, it has equated to (unofficial) 3 second drop in my lap times. 

at this point in time for Barbagallo the set up is perfect, tyre wear is excellent and traction under power is also excellent as well!!

I am looking forward to the round this Sunday to get official times and will report back to you about it all. I have given your details to another RSV4 over here who seems to have the same problem with his ohlins front end as I did, and will continue to try drive Business to you as i am gobsmacked by the difference in what I had before to what it is now!!

Mark Cochran - B-King

Izzy, I got the forks back on my bike (Suzuki B-King) on the weekend and the Elka Piston Kits made a big improvement I am very happy with the end result.

Thanks Mark

Luke Mallaby - Buell 1125R

Hi Izzy,

Managed to get out for half an hour on the bike. Everything feels improved, the front end most of all. Instantly more confident in the front especially at corner entry. Front preload might be a little high for the road, the o ring you put on was sitting at 28mm from full stroke after riding at a good pace. Should be around 10-15mm, yes? Felt like the front was pushing a little from mid corner under full power and was a little resistant to flow through a fast switchback which I figure ties in with the front preload. The front end really is a great piece of work though, and all round feels much improved. Smoother, confidence inspiring, no excessive dive and excellent feedback without the harshness of before.

The rear is really nice too, squats just enough to give really confident traction even on this cold day with crap all over the road :) it's definitely smoother and apart from a little rebound kick-up and possibly look at softening the high speed comp a touch to improve feel over bumps I'm really happy with where it's at.

Overall I think after I've confirmed my sags and spent some time on the bike I'll be able to tweak the settings into something magnificent. I know it'll be more workable than before :)

Thanks for being so communicative with me through the decision making process, I really value that kind of customer service. Your workmanship and your honesty are both commendable. You'll get much word of mouth from me!


Luke Mallaby

Tom Burnie - R6

HI Izzy

thank you so much for everything you have done to help me out with my racing and suspension set up on my Yamaha R6 front forks. we first brought the bike it was in no way set up for me and my style of riding so we sent the forks off to you to have a look at I was very impressed with the attitude, desire advise and care that was taken into account when you worked on the suspension I sent the suspension on short notice with a track day a week away Izzy had the suspension back to me in time for the track day even tho he had to design tools to work on it I couldn't be more grateful. last track day I managed to do my PB lap times on a 600 even tho I was running poor condition tires I cannot wait to put some new rubber on the bike to see what it can really do. With all the help you have done for me Izzy the least I could do is advertise your great company at our local and interstate racing I may attend also I'm very keen to try a Elka rear shock I keep hearing and seeing some of our local guns going so well and absolutely loving this product and your other products on there bikes.

cheers Tom Burnie