Matt Rossignoli RM-400N

Hi Izzy,
I came 3rd in my class (Evolution Non-expert All Powers), I couldn't believe it as this was my first MX race and the first time I rode the bike (other than a quick ride around the paddock after I put it together). A lot of the guys were interested in my YSS shocks, I've passed on your details to one guy with an RM400N.

I attached some photos of me and the bike.


Matt Rossignoli.

Gavin Dobson - XR-650

Hey Izzy,

Just wanted to give you some feedback from the recent work you performed on my trusty old XR 650R.

Firstly, thanks for completing the work in the time you said you could. I have not had a lot of time to get back to you before now.

On the weekend I competed with a partner in the Nhill Pony Express Enduro. The format/track included a short section of Motorcross/Arenacross which transitioned to an open paddock/natural terrain grass track. Our laps were around the 9-10 minute mark…(A highly recommended event for some off road fun!)

The track included areas of axel deep clay ruts, loamy dirt corners, deep sandy whoops, axle deep slop (plenty of arse over the back wheel, 4th gear pinned aqua-planing!) and a mix of everything in between.

The bike performed compared to prior to your work was significant. There was a ‘sharper’ overall feel of the handling of the bike, the progression in the forks was excellent and I was able to push through corners, attack ledges, square edges and jumps with a confidence I have not had before.

As you know, I am not expecting my bike to become a nimble motocrosser, but the XR can now handle more of the faster and heavier work I may be doing through the rest of year. (I am trying to compete in the rest of the Dandenong Club Off Road Club Champs in Over 40 C Grade this year) I may throw in an MX Club day along the way too….

I am recommending you to a number of local guys, and highlighting the value of having some suspension work done by you.

P.S: We got 2nd in our ‘old blokes’ class at Nhill on the weekend.

Thanks again Izzy, catch up again soon.

Gavin dobson

Paul Van Eeden CRF-450X

Hi Izzy, dont know if youve heard yet but the XR250L is Fxxxing AMAZING NOW!!!!!!!! We are absolutly blown away how good it is! You were rite, its completly transformed it, its like a different bike! The handling is as good as my CRF450X & my Brother is SOOO Happy now!! & is very much looking forward to seeing how the ATC250R will turn out. Thank You VERY much!!!
Cheers mate!!

Paul Van Eeden (W.A)

Ian Glass - WR-450

Izzy, just a quick note re my WR-450 AWESOME!. Thank you, the bike rides nice and is a lot easier to handle through the trials. Conquered obstacles that were previously very difficult to negotiate.

Cant wait to hit them again!


Ian Glass (Vic)

Paul Van Eede

I just wanted to let you know how Im going with my 08 Tiger suspension & say Thanks Heaps! 

Now that Ive had the new suspension for a while Ive been able to take it all in &. I'm used to what it can now do. & I can say the new suspension is.......... Phenomenal! 
I Freaken LOVE IT! Its just SO good. The big improvements I find are in the over all stability of the bike. Very low speed U turns & tight maneuvering is SO easy. Where as stock it felt like it wanted to flop & fall over in a tight slow U turn. Now it just loves it. It can do it so quick & sharp with confidence. 
& High speed cornering.... Just so confident! & the way it feels when leaning it on a long sweeping bend, feels like it could stay leaning in that position all day.... Where stock it felt more like it wanted to just flop around the bend then feel like it wanted to fall over.
Now it just exudes confidence & stability. (See pic in Galery)

& my Brother is still VERY happy with his XR250L. Handles very well off road now. You did the Impossible to it, after I was told by the bike shop that NOTHING can be done to it to improve it, We need to get rid of it & buy a CRF. But now its great!!
So thank you very much Izzy! Thanks for your recommendations everything was spot on & thanks very much for your brilliant customer service. Second to none! I'd HIGHLY recommend you to anyone & have done so.


Paul Van Eede (Triumph Tiger) W.A